David Strand

David Strand, LEED AP


Raised in a small rural community in central Wisconsin, David comes from a family of craftsmen, artists, and builders that spans over four generations.  Having spent most of his childhood growing up in the woods, David spent countless hours clearing entire Poplar forests in order to gather material for his elaborate tree forts. 

In high school, David was already sure that architectural design and building was his passion.  His early-emerging maverick tendencies were shown when he started his first business at 17; designing, building, and selling his handcrafted wooden furniture. 

Leaving home, David migrated to the Twin Cities where he got his education in architectural design, developing his passion for architecture and creating a new awareness for building and design.  Landing his first job through an honor in scholarship, he worked at a small commercial design firm where he was able to sharpen his drafting and client-relation skills. 

After reaching his goal of 18 months, down to the exact day, David left his job at the commercial firm with an elegantly worded and concise post-it note.  Eager for more sustenance in design and high quality building, he went on to work locally for a company within the residential realm.  Aside from a stint in New York City to work on a high-profile project as Construction Manager, David has been successfully designing and building in the Northern Midwest to date.  

David McKay

David McKay, ASSOC. AIA 

Senior Designer

Growing up in the Southeast river valleys of Minnesota, and having lived through a 15 year remodeling project slowly spearheaded by his parents, David developed a lifelong interest in both nature and the act of building.  Following his propensity for nature, David received a liberal arts education at the wooded campus of Saint John's University where the unique works of Marcel Breuer subconsciously evoked a passion for the built environment and the impacts of modern architecture.  Continuing his education, David enrolled in the graduate architecture program at the University of Minnesota, discovering the great possibilities and intricacies of our urban environments. 

Winning the 2014 AIA St. Paul Prize with his former classmate and colleague Pablo Villamil, David brings his skillsets in design and representation to Strand Design where he helps collaborate in a wide range of roles from conceptual design to detail development.  Working off his distaste for early mornings, David can often be identified by his affinity for an ice cold can of plain LaCroix.

Pablo Villamil

Pablo Villamil, AIA, LEED AP 


Working in a limited capacity with Strand Design, Pablo helps fill the roles of design and digital representation.  A graduate of the University of Minnesota's architecture program, Pablo is currently a professor at Dunwoody College of Technology where he leads courses in studio design and digital representation. 

Filling his free time, Pablo pursues his passions in beekeeping and pollination, honing his piano chops, and restoring his turn-of-the-century home in St. Paul, MN. 

Philip Wahlberg

Philip Wahlberg, LEED AP 

Project Manager

Meeting at their first job in architecture in 1997, it didn't take long for David Strand and Philip to become weekend friends.  Working in commercial design as a project manager through 2013, Philip gained vast experience in projects ranging from transfer buildings to high-end restaurants. Philip works with Strand Design part time in a project management capacity while working as a residential and commercial real estate agent in the Twin Cities.